Richard Wilson

All Join Hands: Dances and Stories

  • by Richard Wilson, with Erik Barry Erhardt and Lauren Lamont, 2016.
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  • Book is priced at $22.50 and all proceeds will benefit FolkMADS youth scholarships, as Richard and Karolyn Wilson have requested. There are three ways to purchase, but because profits differ, the amounts in parentheses indicate the resulting donation to youth scholarships.
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  • Richard Wilson’s story of bringing contra dance to New Mexico is told in four chapters. Chapter one explores his discovery of music and folk, rhythm, and dance, and his cofounding of the NM Folk Music and Dance Society. Chapter two details his thoughts on leading the dance, including sensation, fundamental elements of social dance, community dances, resolving chaos, English country dance, and ritual. Chapter three includes words about Richard from FolkMADS community members. Chapter four provides the dances of Richard Wilson, both transcripts with detailed instructions, as well as scanned dance cards. Includes 150 pages, 36 photographs, 49 dances with scanned cards, 1 tune, numerous poems, great stories, and love. Proceeds to benefit youth scholarships for NM
  • Richard Wilson was a former postmaster in Glorieta, community dance leader, and poet.
  • Erik Erhardt is a community dance leader and mentor, and university professor in statistics.
  • Lauren Lamont is a dancer, singer, and photographer and multimedia artist.
  • Submit errata/corrections to improve the book.
  • An early post from the start of the project describes the initial vision for the book, which largely remained unchanged.
  • Many people have contributed to this book by transcribing dance cards and journal notes, gathering and contributing stories and photographs, proofreading and proofdancing, and offering encouragement. I am grateful to the following for all they have done:
  • Donna Bauer for contribution
  • Jim Boros for photos
  • Deb Brunt for photos
  • James Buechler for contribution
  • Katherine Bueler for initial dance transcriptions, RW writings
  • J. Michael Combs for contribution
  • Tom Hunter for photos
  • Wendy Graham for photos and a few dances
  • Lauren Lamont for written transcriptions, organizing contributors
  • Tom Leith for photos
  • David Margolin for photos
  • Will McDonald for contribution
  • Steve O’Neill for contribution
  • Gary Papenhagen for contribution
  • Noralyn Parsons for contribution
  • Georgeo Paul for waltz
  • Merri Rudd for contribution
  • Susan Sawyer for May Day transcription
  • HillaryWainwright for copyediting
  • New Mexico Callers Collective for proofdancing, particularly Ben Werner, Stacey Chan, Emily Ruch, Tom Leith, Deb Brunt, David Riedesel, Cathy Boller, David Hadwiger, Lauren Soherr, Merri Rudd, Noralyn Parsons, Marie Milne, Neal Holtschulte, Meg Adams-Cameron, and Jay Cutts
  • Emily Wilson for copyediting
  • Karina Wilson for support
  • Lily Wilson for support
  • Laurel Wilson for photos and back cover art
  • Charline Wilson for support
  • Karolyn Wilson for everything
I apologize for inadvertently leaving anyone off this list. Additional publication details
  • List Price: $22.50
  • 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
  • Black & White on White paper, Glossy cover
  • 150 pages
  • Erik Erhardt (publisher)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0998251301
  • ISBN-10: 0998251305
  • BISAC: Performing Arts / Dance / Folk

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5/1/2018 $55.50 Mirinisa Stewart-Tengco, music books: Portland I and Waltz IV

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