Richard Wilson: All join hands, thirty years of community dance

“All join hands” by Richard Wilson

with Erik Erhardt and Lauren Lamont

This book tells the story of Richard Wilson’s start and many contributions as a dance leader in the country dance community. Included are dances, stories, pictures, and poems, all bringing to life the many ways Richard has touched our lives. If you would like to make a contribution to the book, there are three ways.  (1) Tell us a specific way Richard has enriched the community, and enriched your life and made it more wonderful.  Stories may be written (1-4 pages) or be a short audio recording (4-10 minutes) which we will transcribe and give to you to edit.  (2) Do you have good pictures you’d be willing to share?  We can take physical pictures to scan. With each photo please provide photo credits, location, date, event, and an anecdote for the photo caption.  (3) Who else should I contact who might like to contribute a story? Contact Lauren Lamont for more information, or to provide a contribution. March: There is still time to contribute… Richard Wilson demonstrates an example of his drumming/dancing healing rhythms. Jim Boros has these videos of Richard:

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