Dr. Erik Erhardt, ASEL, Commercial, Instrument

1/6/21 – Just started to put this together…

Pilot resources

  • Crossroads Flying Club
  • Kneeboard sheet
  • Checklist
  • IFR review
  • Koch chart, ground roll and climb given temperature and pressure altitude
  • Opposing Bases (by ATCers, great and entertaining — “Click and Clack of aviation” for those who remember NPR’s Car Talk)
  • Aviation News Talk (by CFII, best I’ve found, also went back and listened to all the episodes, most are great, some are excellent)
  • Airplane Owner Maintenance (by A&P, but listen at 2x speed since he’s a slow talker)
  • The Finer Points (by CFII, he’s a little proud but generally good)
  • AOPA “Never Again” (old episodes are good stories of mistakes, accidents, or close calls)
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast (good for industry and trends)

Fly with me




YouTube Playlist Peace and love D:\Dropbox\Personal\Flying\Fun\peacelove_20200610

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