Dr. Erik Erhardt, ASEL, Commercial, Instrument

Pilot resources

  • Opposing Bases (by ATCers, great and entertaining — “Click and Clack of aviation” for those who remember NPR’s Car Talk)
  • Aviation News Talk (by CFII, best I’ve found, also went back and listened to all the episodes, most are great, and some are excellent)
  • Airplane Owner Maintenance (by A&P, but listen at 2x speed since he’s a slow talker)
  • The Finer Points (by CFII, he’s a little proud but generally good)
  • AOPA “Never Again” (old episodes are good stories of mistakes, accidents, or close calls)
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast (good for industry and trends)

Fly with me

Passenger Briefing, to set some expectations and answer FAQs



Traveling (Salesman) Pilot

Want to visit all of the airports in your state, or in the country, in the shortest distance? Shortest tour of all airports.  

Acumen in Statistics