Note, this is due next Tuesday before the poster presentation.

Finish getting your poster sections organized in your poster. Continue to revise, tighten up presentation, improve plots, etc. Size things well. Make sure text is large enough to see from several feet away.

Complete the content for each of these sections:

1. (1 p) Introduction

  • (Lit Review) 2-4 bullets describing the study, previous research.

2. (1 p) Research Questions

  • (Research Questions) 2 bullets, one for each research question, stated as the alternative hypothesis.

  • Question 1

  • Question 2

3. (1 p) Methods

  • (Personal Codebook) Data source(s).

  • (Personal Codebook) Variables used.

  • Statistical methods used to answer the research questions.

4. (2 p) Results for your first research question.

  • Plot and describe the data, as well as the statistical model. This can often be done in a single plot. Examples:

    • ANOVA: A mean with CI bars is the statistical model overlayed on the data points.

    • Contingency table: A mosaic plot with colored boxes relative to contribution to Pearson \(\chi^2\) shows the data with evidence towards the alternative hypothesis.

    • Simple linear regression: A regression line is the statistical model overlayed on the data points.

  • State the conclusion of the hypothesis test and interpret it in the context of the research question.

5. (2 p) Results for your second research question.

  • Same as (4).

6. (1 p) Discussion

While this would follow your results, let’s put it here so you have a full column to show the results of the analysis of both research questions.

  • Put the results you found for each research question in the context you provided in your introduction.

7. (1 p) Further directions

… or Future work or Next steps or something else that indicates there more to do and you’ve thought about it.

  • What do these results lead you to want to investigate?

8. (1 p) References

  • By citing sources in your introduction, this section will automatically have your bibliography.

Turn in your poster pdf. You’re done!