1. Using a numerical response variable and a two-level categorical variable (or a categorical variable you can reduce to two levels), specify a two-sample \(t\)-test associated with your research questions.
    • (1 p) Indicate the two variables, their definitions (the questions from the codebook that defines their data), and a summary() of each variable.
    • (2 p) Specify the hypotheses in words and notation (either one- or two-sided test).
    • (0 p) Use t.test() to calculate the mean, test statistic, and p-value.
    • (3 p) State the significance level, test statistic, and p-value.
    • (2 p) State the conclusion in the context of the problem.
    • (2 p) Provide an appropriate plot of the data and sample estimates in a well-labelled plot.

Turn in your project file with these answers in the Class 18 Section.

The sections from Erikโ€™s S4R_Project_All_Erik_NESARC.Rmd file to focus on are