To specify multiple *.bib files, one might use one of the two specifications below in the YAML.

- BrotherBear.bib
- ReproducibleResearch.bib
- SmokingExample.bib
- PackagesUsed.bib


bibliography: ["BrotherBear.bib", "ReproducibleResearch.bib", "SmokingExample.bib", "PackagesUsed.bib"]

A cls file is used to format the citations in the text and the bibliography. Here are a few examples you can specify under the YAML csl: option:

Citing while writing

My little brother has been busy making tools (Arnholt and Mair 2002) and helping people (Abadie, Arnholt, and Miller 2010; Lopez and Arnholt 2007).

Reproducible research is critical to science (Peng, Dominici, and Zeger 2006; Fomel and Claerbout 2009; LeVeqije, Mitchell, and Stodden 2012; Peng 2011; Hutton and Henderson 2015).

Automagic Generation of R Package References

Suppose the following R packages are used for a project: PASWR2, PDS, ggplot2, knitr, and rmarkdown.

  1. Create an object named PackagesUsed.
  2. Write the packages used to a *.bib file.
  3. Load the packages with lapply().
PackagesUsed <- c("PASWR2", "PDS", "ggplot2", "knitr", "rmarkdown")
# Write bib information
knitr::write_bib(PackagesUsed, file = "PackagesUsed.bib")
# Load packages
lapply(PackagesUsed, library, character.only = TRUE)

This document uses (not really) ggplot2 by Wickham et al. (2018), PDS by A. Arnholt (2016), PASWR2 by A. T. Arnholt (2016), rmarkdown by Allaire et al. (2018), and knitr by Xie (2018).


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