1 Overview

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Video: 01. Introduction

This statistics course is presented in the service of a project of your choosing and will offer you an intensive hands-on experience in the quantitative research process. You will develop skills in

  1. generating testable hypotheses;
  2. understanding large data sets;
  3. formatting and managing data;
  4. conducting descriptive and inferential statistical analyses; and
  5. presenting results for expert and novice audiences.

It is designed for students who are interested in developing skills that are useful for working with data and using statistical tools to analyze them. No prior experience with data or statistics is required.

Our approach is “statistics in the service of questions.” As such, the research question that you choose (from data sets made available to you) is of paramount importance to your learning experience. Your research question must interest you enough that you will be willing to spend many hours thinking about it and analyzing data having to do with it.