You can use this file as a skeleton for your poster project. Either copy these section headers where you’re already working, or copy those into this file.

This week we’ll focus on the research questions, methods, and results. Next week we’ll complete the rest (intro, discussion, future work, bibliography). The last week we’ll make sure it all looks good on a poster.

1 Rubric

Finish getting your poster sections organized at the bottom of your HW document. Continue to revise, tighten up presentation, improve plots, etc. Remember, you’ll be presenting your poster. It’s not intended to be read, it’s their to be your visual aid as you discuss your work.

Complete the content for each of these sections:

2 1. (0 p) Introduction

3 2. (1 p) Research Questions

4 3. (1 p) Methods

5 4. (0 p) Discussion

While this would follow your results, let’s put it here so you have a full column to show the results of the analysis of both research questions.

6 5. (0 p) Future work

…or Further directions or Next steps or something else that indicates there more to do and you’ve thought about it.

7 6. (0 p) References

8 7. (8 p) Results