We’ll create our poster in two stages.

Poster at bottom of HW document

First, design all the content of the poster at the bottom of your HW document. There are several advantages to doing this before moving directly to the poster format.

Things to consider:

In-class assignment

Get a start on your poster HW. Look at the homework for this week, copy/paste the poster structure from the HW to the bottom of your project document, and complete these sections:

  1. (2 p) Introduction

  2. (2 p) Research Questions

  • At least one of your two research questions that you specified in last Thursday’s in-class assignment.
  1. (2 p) Methods

  2. (4 p) Results for your first research question.

  • Results corresponding to (2).

Transfer to poster template

Second, we’ll copy this content into the poster template (next week or two).

Things to consider: