1. (1 p) Concatenate all HW assignments as described below.

  2. (1 p) Dataset is specified.

  3. (1 p) Variables from the personal codebook are indicated.

  4. (2 p) The data are loaded and a data.frame subset is created by selecting only the variables in the personal codebook.

  5. (1 p) Output confirms the subset is correct (e.g., using dim() and str()).

  6. (2 p) Rename your variables to descriptive names (e.g., from “S3AQ3B1” to “SmokingFreq”).

  7. (2 p) Provide numerical summaries for all variables (e.g., using summary()).

In-class: Concatenate all HW assignments (see “ADA1 ALL Outline” on the website), then create subset of data and provide a few numerical summaries.