1. (1 p) Dataset is specified.

  2. (2 p) Variables from the dataset are indicated.

  3. (2 p) The relationship between the variables is indicated in a question.

  4. (2 p) The terms and descriptions are clear.

  5. (3 p) The question is specific and answerable from the data indicated.

In-class: turn in one question relating at least two variables in your dataset from your personal codebook.

See “HW 02 Literature review” as starting point.

As you come up with questions, write them on the whiteboards around the room. We will use these for discussions of what makes a good research question.

Typically, a good research question has these two qualities:

  1. It is clear; the terms and descriptions used are unambiguous — someone else can understand it without confusion.
  2. It is specific; the variables exist in the dataset and you have an idea how to combine/code/manipulate them to relate them.