1. Using a numerical response variable and a categorical variable with three to five levels (or a categorical variable you can reduce to three to five levels), specify an ANOVA hypothesis associated with your research questions.
    • (1 p) Specify the ANOVA hypotheses in words and notation,
    • (1 p) plot the data in a way that is consistent with hypothesis test (comparing means, assess equal variance assumption),
    • (1 p) use aov() to calculate the hypothesis test statistic and p-value,
    • (1 p) state the significance level, test statistic, and p-value,
    • (1 p) state the conclusion in the context of the problem,
    • (2 p) assess the normality assumption of the residuals using appropriate methods (QQ-plot and Anderson-Darling test), and
    • (1 p) assess the assumption of equal variance between your groups using an appropriate test (also mention standard deviations of each group).
    • (2 p) If you rejected the ANOVA null hypothesis, perform follow-up pairwise comparisons using Tukey’s HSD to indicate which groups have statistically different means and summarize the results.

Turn in your master HW file with these sections appended to the bottom.