1. With your previous (or new) bivariate scatter plot, calculate the correlation and interpret.
    • (1 p) plot is repeated here or the plot is referenced an easy to find from a plot above,
    • (1 p) correlation is calculated,
    • (2 p) correlation is interpretted (direction, strength of LINEAR relationship).
  2. With your previous (or new) two- or three-variable categorical plot, calculate conditional proportions and interpret.
    • (1 p) frequency table of variables is given,
    • (2 p) conditional proportion tables are calculated of the outcome variable conditional on one or two other variables,
    • (1 p) a well-labelled plot of the proportion table is given,
    • (2 p) the conditional proportions are interpretted and compared between conditions.

Turn in your master HW file with these sections appended to the bottom.