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R package: RmdNameChunk

Enumerate Rmd code chunks

I wrote the RmdNameChunk package to automatically name the Rmd code chunks. This is important for my workflow because I don’t click “Knit” in RStudio, instead I run rmarkdown::render(fn). This has the advantage of using the console environment instead of the RMarkdown environment, so all the objects are available for manipulation in the console. However, it is hard to debug when there are scores of unnamed chunks. Now, I can easily name all the code chunk and can quickly identify where issues are.
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Invited talks: Neuroimaging and Statistics at Wright State University, Dayton, OH

I just returned from a fun event-filled couple days at Wright State Univeristy in Dayton, Ohio, visiting statistician Harry Khamis.  Harry invited me to give two talks on Friday, November 2nd, 2012: one in Statistics and a second in Neuroscience, arranged by Thomas N. Hangartner.  Harry was the model host; I always felt taken care of, my needs met.
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