Paper published: Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling

Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling
Erhardt, EB, BO Wolf, M Ben-David, and EJ Bedrick
Open Journal of Ecology 4 (6) pp. 289–298
Online: May 2014
DOI: 10.4236/oje.2014.46027

Stable isotope mixing models are used to estimate proportional contributions of sources to a mixture, such as in the analysis of animal diets, plant nutrient use, geochemistry, pollution, and forensics. We describe an algorithm implemented as SISUS software for providing a user-specified number of probabilistic exact solutions derived quickly from the extended mixing model. Our method outperforms IsoSource, a deterministic algorithm for providing approximate solutions to represent the solution polytope. Our method is an approximate Bayesian large sample procedure. SISUS software is freely available at and as an R package at