Contra dance: Fair trade

Fair trade
Erik Erhardt & Cora McCold
Type: Contra
Formation: Duple-Improper
Progression: Double
Level: Int

A1 ———–
(8) 1s reverse 1/2 Figure 8 down outside and crossing up between 2s
(8) Star Right
A2 ———–
(16) 1s balance and swing
WHILE 2s cross set, up outside one place, cross set back (walking around 1s)
B1 ———–
(8) 2s reverse 1/2 Figure 8 up outside and crossing down between 1s
(8) Star Right
B2 ———–
(16) 2s balance and swing
WHILE 1s cross set, down outside one place, cross set back (walking around 2s)

Notes: A1, B1 – In Figure 8, as soon as active couple crosses through, every put their right hands in to star.

Other Notes: Cowritten with Cora at Stellar Days and Nights, 2/25/2012.

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