Contra dance: Voyager

Voyager Erik Erhardt Type: Contra Formation: 4-facing-4 Becket-CW Level: Int A1 ———– (8) Right hands-across star (8) Gents drop out, ladies turn 1/2 to chain to partner A2 ———– (16) Grand Hay, ladies start by right shoulders and continue across to neighboring set. B1 ———– (4) Balance the ring (4) Pass through across the set (8) Partner swing (couples are at “home” position in other set) B2 ———– (8) Long lines, forward and back (8) Right hands-across star, gents lead partner up/down set to progress into new star Notes: Start as a 4-facing-4 dance, then in small circles of 4, turn a quarter to left to be in Becket formation.  Your couple and your “same 4-some” couple are in neighboring sets facing in the same direction across the set. A2 – maybe teach grand hay with hands to help clarify where everyone is going. A2 – Couples are in original positions facing in to their own sets.  If you are an “outside” couple, you will end as an outside couple in the neighboring set, same for an “inside” couple.  The hey starts like a normal hay, but instead of turning around on the “inside” side, you keep going weaving all the way over to the other set. Other Notes: Adapted from “Star Trek” by Mike Richardson.

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