Contra dance: Sashay, Sassy Kat

Written for Katherine Sanden, who wrote me a song.  She likes the traditional “reel” dances that have a couple down the center with all the attention.  I ruin that by having the other folks swing during the sashay down, but redeem myself with the leapfrog move (that Heather Carmichael came up with).  And if you like a hay, there’s two of them! Sashay, Sassy Kat Erik Erhardt Type: Contra Formation: Four Facing Four Level: Int A1 ———– (16) Partner balance and swing, end facing original direction A2 ———– Outsides (16) Corner balance and swing WHILE Insides (4) Corner balance (4) Sashay down 4 slides (4) Leapfrog (tops arch, bottoms dive up through) (4) Sashay up 4 slides to progressed place B1 ———– (8) 1/2 Hey ACROSS the set with 4-some, centers passing right shoulders (8) In groups of 4, circle RIGHT 1X B2 ———– (16) Full Hay UP AND DOWN set with neighbors, Ladies passing left shoulder Notes: A1 – start and end in same place A2 – facing lines of four end progressed up and down set B1 – each line of four has reversed their order across the hall B2 – start and end in same place

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