Contra dance: Six 10s

Six 10s
by Erik B. Erhardt, 2010.10.10
Type: Contra
Formation: Duple-Improper
Level: Int

[Pulses Call]
A1 ———–
(4) Long lines, forward
(4) Ladies roll NEW Nbr Gent to left on way back
(8) Ladies Chain to Partner
A2 ———–
(8) Promenade across the Set, courtesy turn and Gent roll Lady to left
(8) 1/2 Hey, Gents start by right
B1 ———–
(16) Partner balance and swing
B2 ———–
(8) Balance the ring and spin to the right (petronella)
(8) Neighbor two-hand turn 1-1/2 to trade places, open into long lines

Notes: A1 Ladies don’t often roll the gents away, so a short teaching moment is helpful — good weight, and pull into the ladies chain.  Also, from the LL the ladies need to roll their NEW neighbor gent.  Ladies may want to roll their old neighbors.  “Ladies right-hand roll” was a successful call.
A2 The courtesy turn for the promenade is best without an under-arm twirl for the roll-away.

Other Notes: Written on Oct 10, 2010 in morning at 10:10:10, give or take.

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