Contra dance: Erik, the man I love: a Pinewoods bromance

Erik, the man I love: a Pinewoods bromance by Noah Segal and Erik B. Erhardt, 2010.09.01, cowritten at Pinewoods American week 2010 Duple improper, intermediate [Pulses Call] A1: 16 Ladies lead left-shoulder Hay but, Gents Ricochet 2nd time back to partner A2: 8 Partner Swing 2 Gents Left hand pull-by 2 Nbr R turn 1/4 and pull-by on diagonal/up-down the set 4 Ladies Ricochet with new Nbr Lady while Gents shift Left and catch (progression) B1: 16 New Nbr Sw B2: 6 Cir L 3/4 4 G roll Part lady R, gent sashay left (continue moving in Cir L) 6 Cir L 3/4 (until on side w/Nbr) Dance Notes:
  • A1 starts by facing across set, ladies in hay go over and back and gents go over and ricochet to stay on far side with partner. A2 progression is tricky part — ladies will progress and ricochet with new nbr lady on close right diagonal. B1 enjoy the long nbr swing. B2 rollaway is opposite the usual direction; gent keeps moving as he rolls his partner lady.
  • Theme is ricochets and smooth catching. A ricochet is a two-hand push-off. In this dance the ricochets happen with a same-gender neighbor and has you effectively trade places with the person on the side of the set to be caught and swung.
  • There is a lot of circling left, so it’s possible that some dancers may become a little dizzy.  Keeping their heads more vertical will help them stay less dizzy.
  • This dance started with the question to Noah, “Have you ever written a dance?” He said no, but rattled off what a lovely smooth dance has in it for him. Then he thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this ricochet as a component of a dance instead of just a flurish. Thus began the collaboration.
  • Yes, the name is ridiculous! Gaye Fifer said I needed to meet Noah, and she was so right!

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