Contra dance: Crepes with Ricotta

Crepes with Ricotta
by Erik B. Erhardt, 2010.07.24

Duple Improper, intermediate

Start in wavy lines, gents in middle with L, R to partner.

[Pulses Call]
8 Balance waves (R, L), slide Right (as in Rory O’More)
8 Balance waves (L, R), walk forward to new wave line (with shadow in left hand)
8 Balance waves (L, R), slide Left
4 Balance waves (R, L)
4 Shadow Right Allemande 1/2, pass up-and-down to Partner
16 Partner Balance & Swing, end facing across
8 Circle Left 3/4, California twirl to new neighbors
4 Gents pass Right shoulders, walk Right toward your partner
4 Partner Right Allemande 3/4 to form wavy lines

Dance Notes:

  • Consider starting the teaching at B2 and circle 1/2 since the B2 transition is the only tricky part of the dance.
  • Interaction is mostly with partner and shadow.
  • This dance is for Mia Bertelli, written and called as part of a Santa Fe contra dance weekend.
  • Danced the day it was written.

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