Laurus nobilis, now and again, a contra dance

Laurus nobilis, now and again

by Erik B. Erhardt, 2010.03.04

Indecent (inactives cross)

[Pulses Call]
4 (Old neighbors) Left-hand star 1/2
6 (New, current neighbors) Right-hand Star 3/4
6 Partner allamande 1/2 (slow)
8 Balance ring, Petronella turn (to the right)
4 Circle Right 1/2
4 (with Ladies in lead) couples (with partner) weave Right around neighbors, then Left to connect with next neighbors
8 (Next neighbors) Circle Left 3/4
8 Pass the ocean wave (ladies turn 1/2 by left, gents cross set to connect right hands with partner to form a wavy line), Balance the wave
8 Ladies left-hand turn 1 time around, while Gents orbit 1/2
8 Pass up and down the line to Do-si-do (with current neighbors)

Dance Notes:

  • This dance starts with old neighbors, moves to current neighbors, previews next neighbors, and ends with current neighbors.
  • Jig about 110 bpm would be fine slow and smooth tempo.
  • This dance is for Laurel Wilson.
  • Danced 3/14/2010 and this dance is a bit too busy to actually dance, so I’ll write another for Laurel.

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