Two inches off the ground, a contra dance

Two inches off the ground

by Erik B. Erhardt, 2010.03.03 Proper [Pulses Call] A1: 8 Symmetric Do-si-do, Actives together, then Inactives 8 Actives Figure-8 down A2: 8 (Left shoulder) Pass through (to maintain eye-contact), hands-off Courtesy turn (as in Money Musk) 8 Mad robin, Gents in first B1: 8 Gents begin Right-shoulder Hay 1/2 2 Gents cross by Left shoulder 6 Left-shoulder (partner) Gypsy 1 time B2: 8 Single-file Promenade 3/4, Gents in lead (to Left) [Gents, draw the Lady to you with your eyes] 8 Actives Swing, face down (stay connected for do-si-do), while Inactives 2-hand turn 1/2 (left) Dance Notes:
  • This dance is eyes-strong and you don’t get to touch anyone until B2.2, and then, only your partner.
  • This dance is for Karina Wilson.
  • Not yet danced.

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